Player Commands

Paramaters set in italic are optional.

Command Flag Params Explanation Alias(es)
/playerlist Lists all online players/plist /who
/location playerShows the location of the player or yours if no name is provided/loc
/heal playerHeals the player or yourself if no name is provided/pheal
/kill playerKills the player or yourself if no name is provided/pkill
/clear-P playernamematerial amount Clear the user inventory. If material is set, only this material, if amount is set only deleting that amount of the material. if -P is used, it will be clearing the inventory of the player playername (accordingly to the given parameter, if no param is given, clear the whole inventory)/pclear
/kick player messageKicks the wanted player and shows him the message if one was issued./kp
/kickall messageKicks all players and shows them the message if one was issued./kall
/msg player messageSends a private message to the given player/message
/spy You receive every private message being sent./smsg
/ip playerShows the IP of the player or yours if no name is provided
/mute playerMutes the given player so he can not chat anymore!
/mute-cplayerDisables a player to use any command.
/unmute player time(in mins) Unmutes the given muted player. If time is set the mute is temporary and the player will be unmuted afterwards.
/ban player message time(in mins)Kick and ban the provided player. A custom ban message can be given and a temporary ban be made if a time is given./pban
/unban playerUnbans the given banned player./ub
/freeze playerFreeze the given player so he can't move and interact with the world around him anymore, but he can use the chat/fp
/invisible playerSet the given player or command sender invisible. No message when joining the server, message leaving the server when entering invisible mode. Other players can't interact with the invisible person./inv
/nopickup playerEn-/Disables 'NoPickUp-mode'. The given player or command sender if none given can't pickup things anymore./np
/afk reasonSets yourself AFK, a custom reason can be set
/roll diceRoll a x-sided dice, where x is the number you gave, default is 6
/god playerEn-/Disables God mode. Makes the player or command sender invulnerable./g
/fly power player You or the given player can now fly when keep pressing the sneaking key (SHIFT). Press and hold the sneaking key, Jump, your are flying. The power is the velocity default is 1.75
/fireball power playerMakes you or the given player like a Ghast, granting the ability to cast fireballs at the points you look at. Power can be set, deafult is 1, normal Ghast fireball. Type again to disable it./fb
/vulcan power playerEn-/Disables Vulcan-mode. Effects are like fireball but the power used is TNT instead of fireball, default is 4.0x TNT power/fire
// En-/Disables Super Breaker-mode. When you have the SuperBreaker item in hand, every block you touch is instantly broken/break
/played playerHow many time the player have played on the server/ptime
/eternal playerYour food bar is full and frozen/pet
/feed playerRestore all your food/pf
/gm playerSwitch the GameMode (Survial/Creative) for you or the selected player/gswitch
/whois-wplayer or worldGet information about the player (or yourself if no player given). When putting the flag -w, get information about the given world (or the one you are in if no parameter is given)/ws
/fakequit playerDisplays a server leave/join message and does not list you online anymore or lists you online again./fq
/reply Reply to the last player who sent you a message/r
/pres-p playerpresentation Set your presentation (that can be viewed in whois command) or the presentation of the player (when using the -p flag)/presentation
/xp-l, -a, -d, -t. -pplayer amountModify the experience of a player or view it.
1./xp -l - This modifies the level of a player
2./xp -a - Add(subtrac by giving negative numbers) to the xp of a player
3./xp -p - Set the progressen in the players current level
4./xp -d - Drops a xo Orb near a player
5./xp -t - Views the current total xp amount of a player
/exp, /experience
/kick-m templateplayerWhen using the -m flag, you can specify which message template to use for the message (template created in the locale file kickMessages). Example : /kick Blah -m default
Will use the “default” message defined in the yaml file.
/ban-m templateplayerWhen using the -m flag, you can specify which message template to use for the message (template created in the locale file kickMessages). Example : /ban Blah -m default
Will use the “default” message defined in the yaml file.
/nd-P playername -t timenoneActivate the no drop mode, meaning the player will never drop his items, and keep them on death. If -P is set, it will be activated for that player. If -t is set, it will be activate for that amount of time./nodrop
/potion-P playernamepotion
Add the effect of the potion for the wanted duration with the wanted amplifier to the player.
If you type the command without any arguments, you'll have the list of possible potion. The potions are auto-completed and case-INsensitive.
/quit messageYou will leave the server with a custom leave message if one is provided.

Per Command Permissions:

Command Permission
/location playeradmincmd.player.loc.other
/heal playeradmincmd.player.heal.other
/kill playeradmincmd.player.kill.other
/clear -P playeradmincmd.player.clear.other
/ip playeradmincmd.player.ip.other
/mute -cadmincmd.player.mute.command
/invisible playeradmincmd.player.invisible.other
/god playeradmincmd.player.god.other
/fireball playeradmincmd.player.fireball.other
/vulcan playeradmincmd.player.vulcan.other
/eternal playeradmincmd.player.eternal.other
/feed playeradmincmd.player.feed.other
/gm playeradmincmd.player.gamemode.other
/fakequit playeradmincmd.player.fakequit.other
/whois playeradmincmd.player.whois.other
/pres -p playeradmincmd.player.pres.other
/xp admincmd.player.experience
/xp playeradmincmd.player.experience.other
/potion -P playeradmincmd.player.potion.other

Permissions for all player commands


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